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SWAED capabilities in these core business areas can help to support the onshore and offshore oil industry by bringing together employees and technical expertise in related fields from across the world. The core business strategy remains to continuously provide the same services while retaining and expanding the company’s share of the market and to fully integrate its existing services to other parts of the world.

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Years Of Undefeated Success

With a track record of undefeated success spanning several years, SWAED has consistently delivered exceptional services and solutions in the Oil & Gas industry, solidifying its reputation as a trusted and reliable partner.


SWAED's talented workforce includes over 100 skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds in pipeline and more.


Established in the year 2014, SWAED brings years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry.


SWAED maintains a client satisfaction rate of 95%, delivering outstanding services that go beyond client expectations.


SWAED successfully completed a 32" in-service pipeline repair project for DAR Petroleum Operating Company (DPOC) in South Sudan

Empowering Success through Expertise and Innovation

SWAED is a Sudanese company, which has been in the Oil & Gas business since its establishment in the year 2014

offering wide range of technical services and solutions for the Oil & Gas, Power sector and other major industries, covering Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, and Instrumentation related scope of work EPCC.

Working with the most prominent and prestigious Oil & Gas Companies
SWAED is resourceful with the best cadres who worked with the most prominent and prestigious Oil & Gas Companies in the region, such as:

The background of these personnel ranged from different project scopes such as pipeline repair, fabrication & erection, field Minor Maintenance contracts, field surface facility-FSF, Engineering & consultancy services, Mud Logging, Inspection services, Civil work, operations and business management.

SWAED capabilities in these core business areas can help to support the onshore and offshore oil industry by bringing together employees and technical expertise in related fields from across the world. The core business strategy remains to continuously provide the same services while retaining and expanding the company’s share of the market and to fully integrate its existing services to other parts of the world.


SWAED strives to present the national talented workforce capabilities in the best possible way to compete in the international level through capacity building of the national technology and workmanship promoting skills of the national hands and put it into action, pursuing state of the art techniques and standardized framework, leading to maintain high level of professionalism.


In SWAED, we are committed to provide our clients with the best service delivery at a competitive price, without compromising on quality, health, safety, environment, business ethics or welfare of our staff.


SWAED is committed to nationalism, to perform all its services through Sudanese talents and expertise. SWAED is also committed to guarantee client satisfaction, delivering our services and products to beyond the client expectations, and to maintain a long term win-win strategic partnerships.

Managing Director's Statement

SWAED, in Arabic, which means “hands together”, is reflecting our strong believe in unity, collaboration and cooperation of Sudanese talents to overcome challenges and difficulties. SWAED’s deep meaning also drives our vision for a unique approach in conducting O&G related services business, and to empower Sudanese manpower with state of art technical expertise and knowledge, to compete in such vibrant industrial world. SWAED has been founded in 2014, by a group of brave and professional dreamers, who believed that no impossible under the sun. Few years later their vision has been proofed to be true, and SWAED has excelled and progressed steadily in making its footprints and uniqueness. Till this moment, SWAED has successfully entered into Sudan and South Sudan O&G fields, delivered outstanding services with beyond client satisfaction, and still pursuing the same in our ongoing projects. SWAED has set its name and proofed its capabilities in pipeline repair services, general engineering services, various inspection services, general repairs and field related problems solving, fabrication, tank and heat exchangers cleaning. In a glance EPCC services, which cover multidisciplinary scope of work; civil, mechanical, electrical and telecom disciplines. SWAED has a strong commitment to Sundanization, to train, retain and empower Sudanese talents, and to encourage outstanding academic researches, providing funds to ambitious young researchers and entrepreneurs in related fields SWAED has a solid and strong commitment to support the local community in both Sudan and South Sudan, as part of its social responsibilities. In the context of community services SWAED places high attention to the role of R&D in development as SWAED strongly believes in acting and taking the lead to impact the local society and the environment positively where the company is based. SWAED provides financial support for research works that helps in developing the local community and uplifting the suffering, which are directly linked to achieving SDG goals. SWAED dreams big, and making its dreams come true by doing the best through its talented team members, we believe in team work and our policy strongly support the wellbeing of our staff and employee, considering them as real stakeholders and owners of SWAED’ success.


Energy will always play an essential role in regional and global development. SWAED Petroleum is a proven oil & gas company since stablished 2014, Additionally, the company began to expand and provide its services not limited to Sudan South Sudan, Türkiye, United Arab Emirate, Saudi Arabia, Algeria but also Iraq due to the manner it is operated and the belief that cooperation always pays off (SWAED). We are here to lead the process of unlocking and realizing our know how and use our energy resource, and to do it in a responsible and sustainable manner, thus continuing to play a key role in the development and put our footprints and ensuring economic prosperity for future generations.


Operational aspects of a company. This includes overseeing operations, human resources, and finance departments within an organization and managing budgets. And ensures that any departmental goals are aligned with corporate strategies by working closely with other executives at every level to set priorities for projects and growth initiatives throughout the year along with reviewing progress on both short-term (monthly) and long-term ahead before formal review cycles take place quarterly or annually based upon organizational needs

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Quality Services

Piping and Pipeline Installation & Repair Works

SWAED is a trusted provider of piping and pipeline installation and repair services in the oil and gas industry. Our experienced team delivers reliable solutions, from design to installation and testing, ensuring quality and efficiency. With a commitment to industry standards and advanced technologies, we deliver exceptional results for our clients' piping and pipeline needs.

Inspection Service

SWAED provides comprehensive inspection services for the oil and gas industry. With advanced technologies and expertise, we ensure asset integrity and safety through thorough inspections and risk-based approaches. Our non-destructive testing methods help identify and address potential issues, ensuring compliance and optimizing operational efficiency.

Sand blasting, Painting, Coating and Insulation of Piping & Equipment

SWAED offers sand blasting, painting, coating, and insulation services for piping and equipment. Our skilled technicians ensure effective surface preparation, apply high-quality coatings, and provide insulation solutions for optimal protection and performance. With a focus on quality and precision, we deliver reliable services to safeguard the integrity and longevity of your assets.

Storage Tank Inspection, Repair & Cleaning

SWAED offers comprehensive storage tank inspection, repair, and cleaning services. Our experienced team ensures the integrity of tanks through thorough inspections, efficient repairs, and effective cleaning, enhancing operational efficiency and safety. Trust SWAED for reliable and cost-effective solutions to your storage tank needs.

Building Construction & Foundation

Also SWAED has deputed expert and skilled fabricators, welders and technicians who have long experience in oil and gas fields. Control room buildings, Offices, RMU Rooms, Fencing, equipment foundation, Concrete casting, pipe racks, supports, all these services and others SWAED offers to its client with high accuracy and quality beside the best completion period for the service.

Electrical Works

SWAED offers diverse electrical services for the petroleum and domestic sectors. From EPCC of transmission lines to building services like electrical supply and fire-fighting systems, our experienced team delivers effective solutions with expertise and professionalism. Trust SWAED for reliable and efficient electrical services.

Refineries & Power Plants Overhaul

SWAED partners with specialized companies for overhauling and maintenance services of static and rotary equipment. Our integrated group offers turnkey solutions, including EPC and turnaround services for heat exchangers, valves, turbines, compressors, and more. Trust SWAED for reliable equipment maintenance in process industries and power plants.

Supply of Equipment & Spare Parts

SWAED is your trusted supplier of O&G equipment, materials, spare parts, and solutions. With competitive quality and reliability, we offer a wide range of options through our extensive international networks. Benefit from our unmatched coordination and quick delivery. Explore our supply capabilities today.

Oil and Gas Research and Development Division

SWAED prioritizes R&D to innovate and address technical challenges in the O&G industry. From adopting new inspection technologies to utilizing computational methods, we strive for effective solutions. Our Research and Development Division aims to contribute to social welfare and sustainable development aligned with national strategic plans and SDG goals. Trust SWAED for cutting-edge advancements in the O&G field.

Technical Support Field Solutions & Consultancy Services

SWAED provides top-notch technical support and consultancy services for the O&G industry. From conceptual studies to project planning and control, our multidisciplinary experts offer practical solutions and expertise. Trust SWAED for effective and cost-efficient support to optimize your operations and projects.

EPCC of Field Service Facilities

As part of SWAED's extensive EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning) capabilities, Field Service Facilities (FSF) play a crucial role in our service offerings. With highly skilled personnel and effective management team, we have the expertise and experience to excel in this key area. Our strong connections with local and global partners further enhance our capabilities in delivering exceptional FSF solutions.

Operation & Maintenance Services

Swaed O&M services aim to support oil & gas production facilities from wellhead to manifold, encompassing the entire asset lifecycle. We stand out for our “full responsibility approach” to field activities in terms of oil & gas production, including oil & gas plant operation and maintenance, shutdowns/turnarounds, expansions and facility debottlenecking.

Earth Moving Services

SWAED provides Earth Moving services to the heavy civil construction industry. With the strength of our professional employees and a very good reputation in the construction industry with the increased number of satisfied clients from both public and private sectors. SWAED has earned a good market value by showing transparency in its projects such as undertaking and implementing construction work, specially while doing civil work in life pipeline repair project for DPOC during 2022.

Empowering Success in the Oil & Gas Industry

Partnering for Growth and Sustainability

SWAED is your trusted partner in the Oil & Gas sector, offering a wide range of technical services and solutions. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we provide innovative and high-quality solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. From engineering and construction to operations and maintenance, SWAED is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, empowering your success in the dynamic and competitive Oil & Gas industry.

SWAED's Competitive Edge

SWAED stands out in the Oil & Gas industry with its expertise, comprehensive services, commitment to quality, and innovation. With a track record of success and a focus on client satisfaction, SWAED provides the competitive edge needed for seamless project execution and long-term growth.


Client-Centric Approach

At SWAED, we prioritize our clients and their specific needs. Our client-centric approach is built on strong relationships, effective communication, and a deep understanding of our clients’ goals. We strive to deliver tailored solutions, providing exceptional service and support throughout every stage of the project. With SWAED, you can trust that your vision and objectives are at the forefront of our work, ensuring your success and satisfaction.

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